The 4 cottages of Haras de la Fontaine - Fontainebleau forest
in the heart of nature, no neighbours!

gite escalade FontainebleauCLIMBING FONTAINEBLEAU

The forest of Fontainebleau is an internationally known place for bouldering rock climbing, it is one of the best climbing areas in France.
The Fontainebleau sandstones are famous for their low height and bizarre forms known by rock climbers. Climbing in "Bleau" includes tracks of different levels marked according to difficulty.
We also offer rental of crash-pads for the practice of climbing.

For more information, go to this site.

Karma the first Federal France climbing hall is open. It offers a wall of 12 m tall (and up to 6 m of advance) with 33 lines of belay, a block of 4 m area 50 high allowing a hundred channels at all levels as well as a climbing baby.

The best known climbing sites: le Cuvier, les Gorges d'Apremont (Barbizon), les Gorges de Franchard (Fontainebleau et Arbonne-la-Foret), les Trois Pignons (Arbonne-la-Foret, Milly-la-Foret, Vaudoué), le Cul de Chien (Noisy-sur-Ecole), le rocher de Dame Jouanne and l'Eléphant (Larchant).

escalade fontainebleau bloc1 bloc2
Le bilboquet - Les trois Pignons The Traphouse
bloc3 bloc4
Opium Eléphant Larchant




We rent crash-pads «double air bag Versa Beal» 100x130x9 (15€/week and 100€ security deposit). See a crash-pad  location crashpad fontainebleau


White E Child specific
Beige F Easy - 1st step 1-2
Yellow PD Little difficulty - Beginner 2-3
Orange (sometimes green) AD Difficult enough - Medium climber 3-4
Blue D Difficult - Experienced climber 4-5
Red TD Very difficult - Very experienced climber 5-6
Black / White ED Extremely difficult - specialized climber 6-7
(No track) ABO Abominably Difficult - High level 8-9


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